Warehouse equipment
May 13, 2010, 6:13 pm
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  • Floor Storage (Cheap) (if pliable better space usage) (large Space consumption)
  • Conventional Racking (Regale – mit Paletten) (50% Space loss due to aisle Wege)
  • Drive in – Drive Through (only the same product on any line) (no perishable products) (goods that can‘t be piled)
  • Mobile Racking (libraries, only one aisle)
  • Mobile Shelving (when Space is expensive – cooling buildings)
  • Rotative Storage (Horizontal Carousels) (Vertical: Paternoster)
  • Palletizing

Pictures and information of a tour for a marketing project I did through the Evobus storage facility.

They were using different types of Storage. On the first picture you can see conventional Racking. Here it is used for motor-blocks for busses. Those motors are all different and are stored chaotically so only the computer knows where a certain motor-block is located. For those blocks they use pallets most of them specifically designed (to me they all looked the same but some were blue that might have indicated a standard rented pallet) to hold that kind of product.

The second picture shows the automated storage for small parts. Those parts needed to be frequently accessed but the demand on one specific part itself might not be that high. For Evobus it is easier to automize the process instead of having people searching the specific part on selfs which might take for ever. Those parts are stored in boxes that contain several different parts. If one part is needed the order arrives from a system that is linked with the customers order system and is then put into action. A robot pulls out the correct box and puts it on a conveyer. The conveyor automatically finds an available station with an employee. A laser-pointer points then to the right compartment and the number of parts that needed to be picked is displayed on a monitor. Then the part is packaged marked and moves to outgoing goods. The most interesting thing was, if a customer orders different parts the machine automatically brings the right boxes to the employee and points to the right parts so just one package leaves the string facility.

The third picture shows the outgoing goods department were small goods are put on several means of transport. Most of the sorting is done automatically with slides.

They also use floor storage for really heavy and hard to move parts as well as parts that are just in transit moving form one truck to another.


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